I feel I have gained so much self awareness about my goals and what they mean to me and the action plans created to ensure that I meet these goals I’ve found to be motivating and challenging. 

— Liz Peckering

Athena provided me with tools and techniques that helped me become accountable , which meant I was able to set realistic and achievable goals, which allowed me to stay on track. .

— Sacha WADEY -

Soft Tissue Therapist

Athena has helped me to identify my goals more specifically and this has helped me to focus more clearly on how to achieve them. Without Athena's coaching I would not have made the progress that I have with setting up my business.

— Julie brown - Director of operations & hr

The questioning techniques Athena used helped me to identify potential obstacles I would have faced before they came into fruition and allowed me to ‘think outside the box’ to uncover new ways of achieving the tasks set for myself.



Athena was able to steer me through this incredibly challenging time with clear, concise and compassionate coaching. She asked all the right questions, gave me space and pushed me when I needed to be pushed; all of which enabled me to make the big decisions, kick goals and release me into the next season of my life with confidence, clarity and strength. Even those times I thought I didn’t really need the ‘next session’, it turned out I did and I am grateful for the accountability that Athena held me to. I cannot more highly recommend Athena as a coach.

— Janet whittiker - PARTNER LAW FIRM

Athena was accommodating with my first tentative steps towards setting up my business, to which I will always be grateful. I had all the skills and experience and over time forgot the value I could bring to the table.

— Reg goslin -SALES DIRECTOR

I found so much more than I expected from a coach. Her  individualised, intuitive, and unique approach helped me articulate my values, strengths, and passions. Athena helped me discern my personal mission and professional direction in a creative and collaborative way. I recommend Athena to anyone who is undertaking life changes in all of their complexity. She provides incredible value.

— Mary Gibbney -Marketing manager